Sunday, 1 March 2015


About two weeks ago me and a friend of mine went to the city (Salzburg, Austria) to take some photos. But we both didn't wear too much and literally froze our asses off. Stupid action. But some of the photos are nice :)

I wore this new dress I got for my birthday about a week earlier, it's a red babydoll dress from Urban Outfitters and I'm in love with it:

I also tried out the pastel hair chalks you can get from Urban Outfitters, but since they made my hair look rough and I could hardly crew it out afterwards I don't think I'll use the chalks very often, although having pink hair for a day was nice. However, I think I'll dye my hair pink anyway, so... Yeah.

The actual photos I chose to upload are all black and white, the houses in the background didn't match with the colour of my dress too good, so I edited them.
Oh, and 'bout the cigarette: I hardly ever smoke, I actually am a bad smoker. But I find people with cigarettes look beautiful... You might think I'm not old enough to smoke, because I look really young, that's my curse. But I can proudly say I belong to the grown-ups of this world, although I may not look like it.